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Unmade Q Episodes [Sep. 22nd, 2011|03:36 pm]

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io9 did an article today about "10 Star Trek episodes we're glad they never filmed". It has stuff from all the different series and there are also 3 Q episodes on the list. It's actually pretty cool!


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Dare [Aug. 17th, 2011|05:06 pm]

Title: Dare
Pairing/Characters: Picard/Q
Fandom: Star Trek: The Next Generation, specifically the episode "Tapestry."
Rating: PG
Warnings: None needed.
Summary: After Q gives Picard a second chance at life, Picard is curious as to his motivations.
Word Count: 400
Notes:  I got two Picard/Q prompts that were pretty close, so I put them together and doubled the word count!  For the prompts, "Pity you had to change" and "decision time."
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Art Trade Anyone? [Aug. 8th, 2010|10:08 pm]

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[Current Music |National Brotherhood Week - Tom Leher]

Hi there! I just found this Comm and I'm not sure how active it is but anyways...

I was wondering if there are any writers here who'd be interested in doing an art trade. I would draw a fanart of the writer's choice in exchange for a bit of fanfiction! (Preferably Picard/Q)

I have a DeviantArt here where you can look at some of my art stuff. I haven't really posted anything new in a while so it's not really up to date. If anyone's interested, please reply to this or send me a message! Thanks!
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Earl Grey [Jul. 17th, 2010|09:12 pm]

Title: Earl Grey
Pairing/Characters: Jean-Luc Picard, Q
Rating: G
Warnings: None needed
Summary: The replicators are offline and Jean-Luc is annoyed even before Q decides to stop by.
Word Count: 730
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Art for Art's Sake [Jun. 27th, 2010|02:03 pm]

Title: Art for Art's Sake
Pairing/Characters: Q/Jean-Luc Picard
Rating: PG
Warnings: None needed
Summary: Q enjoys a burst of creative inspiration.
Word Count: 490
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Thoughts about the novels [Jan. 13th, 2010|04:39 pm]

So I have recently been re-reading several of the Pocket Books novels about Q. They're a mixed bag (kind of like the episodes themselves, actually); some stuff that's brilliant, some stuff that's dumb.

Spoilers for the Q Continuum trilogy by Greg Cox.Collapse )
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Fic post: "Hurt the Ones You Love" [Jan. 12th, 2010|04:05 pm]

The main character of this is actually the Suzy Plakson Q, "our" Q's "mate" (girlfriend, wife, companion, whatever she is), who I recently have developed a great love for because she is so tough and yet so supremely screwed up. "Our" Q is in the story; he doesn't come off so well, but then, nobody does in this fic. This story is based heavily on "I, Q" by John de Lancie and Peter David, and is part of my explanation for the enmity between Q and M in that novel.

Title: Hurt the Ones You Love
Author: Alara Rogers (alara_r)
Email: alara at mindspring dot com
Series: TNG (bookverse)
Rating: R
Pairings: Suzy Plakson-Q/M (from book "I, Q"), Suzy Plakson-Q/John de Lancie-Q
Spoilers: Not really (maybe for the book trilogy "Q Continuum" if you squint.)
Disclaimer: The female Q (played by Suzy Plakson) comes from the Voyager episode "The Q and the Grey"; M was created by Peter David and John de Lancie in the Pocket Books novel "I, Q"; references to 0 come from "The Q Continuum" trilogy by Greg Cox. The JdL-Q, of course, is owned by Paramount Pictures. The "other Q" being referred to is my own creation, and is referred to as Azi in several of my other stories.
Warnings: f/f, m/f, dubcon
Summary: Q has finally figured out how to make her Q as jealous and angry as he makes her; she's going to have an affair with an M.

Notes: Schmoopy energy being f/f, violent energy being m/f dubcon. Although these people don't actually have genders, so "f/f" and "m/f" is more about the pronouns in use than the biology. If these were humanoids this story would be NC-17, but they're energy beings and
their idea of sex is not ours, so it's rated R. This fic gets dark. M is sweet (at this point in time, anyway), but the Q in this story are totally screwed up.

Hurt the Ones You Love
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Fic post: Avatars, Picard/Q, PG-13 [Jan. 7th, 2010|07:51 pm]

Title: Avatars
Author: maraceles
Series: Sequel to Repression
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Picard/Q
Spoilers: For all canon
Summary: After the events of 'Repression,' Picard and Q begin to get over themselves, but not without first bickering like an old married couple.


(links to my LJ)
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Q week at tng_stillness! [Aug. 4th, 2009|06:37 pm]

[Current Mood |excitedexcited]

Glitter Text Generator

tng_stillness is an icon challenge community for non-animated Star Trek: The Next Generation icons. This week's challenge is dedicated to Q!!!

Everybody is welcomed to participate! The more the better! Don't be shy, let's have fun!

For more details please read this post.

We hope to see you all there! :D
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Okay, I promised a P/Q rec list to someone [Jun. 16th, 2009|01:10 pm]

I forget who, but someone here said they were interested in a P/Q rec list, so I put one together. This is based on my personal opinion, not word of God (or word of Q, for that matter.)

Alara's Picard/Q recs

Some of these contain adult content; ratings are given by the stories, using the American MPAA standard.

Also, since I cannot fairly rec my own fics, I created a separate list of all of my Picard/Q fics:

Alara's Picard/Q fics

This list, too, contains stories with adult content.
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